January 22, 2011

Musical Chairs and Blue Ceilings

Sorry to be so absent here. I have always been a reluctant writer. Thank you to those who continue to follow this blog... I hope to post more frequently going forward as I have a lot of work to share.

I created this piece in 2009. It has a title thanks to my good friend Janis Sawyer (http://paleink.blogspot.com) ....who loves titles. My preference is for Untitled...for almost everything, but I thought this one was perfect. The title of the piece is "Musical Chairs and Blue Ceilings
". There is an interesting article and podcast at NPR's All Things Considered about blue ceilings....

"Why So Blue? Color Graces Many a Porch Ceiling" http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5645263
A lot of Photoshop here
stitching, layering, painting. It does feel like "painting and mixed media".

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